We help businesses deliver their value by creating products and services that fuse their goals with consumer needs.


We follow your venture's strategic direction by identifying who you really are. Through an interactive discovery session, we uncover your venture's purpose, customers, brand attributes, and touchpoints. We focus on the end-user and your venture's needs to find what problems your product aims to solve and how your venture might solve it. We take that key information forward by performing research to find how that information might look and feel as your venture's product. We expand upon the right look and feel by embodying it into a panoramic stylescape that provides mutual direction for us to move forward together.


We build upon the information and stylescape selected in PhaseOne to develop concepts for your venture's product. Through a predetermined number of presentation rounds, we refine these concepts to their final form by creating digital mock-ups of how the product might actually look and feel. We begin to consider things such as materials, manufacturing techniques, and assembly processes. The final selected concept is then taken forward into PhaseThree for prototyping and final development.


We begin creating physical prototypes of your venture's product so that you may test its application within the real world. We take your feedback from testing and refine the design further until we are mutually satisfied with the results. By working as a bridge between your venture and your manufacturer, we begin the DFM process and design your venture's product to your manufacture's required specifications.

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